#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas

Over the years, I have ended up with a small and extremely random assortment of Christmas photos from my childhood, which has made it hard to pick good photos for holiday-themed Throwback Thursday posts. I did find a great one a couple of weeks ago that involved my brother wearing a giant KISS belt buckle, but I couldn’t find it today. (Huge bummer. The belt buckle really deserved a post.)

Instead, I have two pictures from the Christmas of 1974, which I know is the correct date for both because my grandma helpfully labeled the back of one of these — and I noticed that, though I am wearing different clothes, both my hair and the tree ornaments are the same in the other. (I shoulda been a detective!)

This would have been Eileen’s first Christmas, but these are the only photos I have, so… Sorry, sis. You were apparently not interested in posing for the camera.

#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas
New sweatshirt for Brian! Am I wearing a coat or a bathrobe?
#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas
Whoa. That doll has a terrifyingly large head. No wonder I look a little concerned.

#ThrowbackThursday: Family Christmas

When my grandma turned 90, back in 2006, our whole family banded together to find and scan as many photos from her lifetime as we could, which were then loaded into a digital photo frame we gave her for her birthday. She loved getting to see long-forgotten pictures from her childhood alongside more recent photos with her great-grandchildren, and as a side-effect, we all ended up with a wonderful archive of what is now nearly 100 years of family photos.

So when I wanted something from outside my lifetime for a Throwback Thursday post for today, that was the file I opened up on my computer — and it did not disappoint. After scrolling through fewer than a dozen photos (the files are not ordered chronologically, for the most part) I stumbled upon this delightful picture:

#ThrowbackThursday: Family Christmas
McGowan family Christmas

I’m not exactly sure when this was taken but this is my mom, her sister Fran, her brothers Fred and Jim, and my grandma in front of their Christmas tree, some time in the late 1940s or early 1950s. (If I could just remember when Uncle Jim — the baby in the photo — was born, I’d be able to pinpoint it a bit more clearly.)

I am entirely smitten with this picture, from  Mom and Fran’s matchy-matchy dresses and dolls (twins, yanno), to Aunt Fran’s side-eye at her baby brother, to Grandma’s awesome mod dress, to my gram’s and uncles’ huge smiles. My only wish was that Grandpa was in the photo too, but he is undoubtedly the one taking it, as he took pretty much all our family photos always.

(Which is a good reminder: people, get in your own photos occasionally. Someday, someone might be wishing you were there.)