Wayback Wednesday: Ready for Snow

Here in DC, we’ve been having an exceptionally mild winter so far. Sure, there have been a few extremely cold days and an occasional snow flurry, but overall, it hasn’t been very wintry. For the most part I don’t mind this at all, though I probably would prefer a little snow to today’s expected chilly downpour. (Cold rain is seriously the grossest weather. Hate it.)

As the picture below shows, however, it appears I was not always as anti-winter as I am today. Eileen and I are all smiles, tricked out in our cozy gear at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I expect we’re heading outside to play – our grandparents had a huge backyard, which meant a lot of room for snowman-building. And sledding. And snowball-throwing.

Good times.

I do have one concern with this photo, which is that I am an eyesore in a mess of conflicting patterns while Eileen is matchy-matchy and adorable. She’s the little sister, and as such is supposed to be dressed in a mismatched hand-me-downs, not me! Though it was the 70s, so I suppose it’s possible that I was actually stylin’ in that outfit, but I suspect not.

And speaking of things that were cool in the 70s, that fiber-optic lamp thingamajiggy on the television was my favorite thing on earth for pretty much my entire childhood. It rotated and changed color and was ah-mazing. I wish it was on in this picture so some of its awesomeness was recorded for posterity.

Eileen & me, winter 1977.
Eileen & me, winter 1977.


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Perfect, Warm, and Delayed

Yesterday may have been be the laziest non-sick day I have ever indulged in, but today promises more activity: brunch and outlet shopping with my friend Joanne. (I desperately need wool pants, but based on the selection currently in stores, I needed to have realized this in August.) Before I head off for bacon, eggs, and cheese grits, it’s time to look back at three beautiful things from the past week.

Fallingwater! It's Fallingwater!
Fallingwater! It's Fallingwater!

1. As I mentioned a little more than a week ago, my oldest nephew had a birthday. His party was last Saturday, and I decided to finally acquiesce to his pleading for the Fallingwater LEGO set (which he had asked me for pretty much every time I’ve seen him since he first saw it over the summer). Eileen & Chris went in with me on it, which solved the it’s-really-expensive problem, but did nothing to mitigate the it’s-for-ages-16-and-up issue. To say that it was the hit of the party would not be overstating things – D jumped up on his chair, waved it back and forth, and yelled. “Fallingwater! It’s Fallingwater!” Seeing him so happy and excited totally made my day. (And my concerns about it’s age-appropriateness proved to be unfounded. Between D and his four-year-old brother G, it was finished by Monday. And D has asked to go see the real Fallingwater!)

2. Last Sunday was bitterly cold, and I was dreading the wait for the bus after my book group meeting in Adams Morgan. As luck would have it, however the bus – the one that goes closest to my house, no less! – was coming up the street as I got there. I was only in the freezing weather for a moment – joy! (I’ll admit, I did have an assist from the NextBus website, but given that it’s hit-or-miss at best, it felt like a win.)

3. There was enough snow this week to force two two-hour delays at the office. Now, I am no particular fan of snow, but I loooooove a late start at work.

What was beautiful in your world this week?