#ThrowbackThursday: Christmas in the City

Longtime blog readers (those of you who haven’t vanished due to nearly two years of extremely limited posting) may recall that, back in 2011/12 I tried to make “Wayback Wednesday” a thing — only to discover that the internet had instead decided “Throwback Thursday” was the way to go. So close, and yet, so far…

Anyway. I am now on board with the rest of the world, sharing old-timey photos on Thursdays, and thought I’d a) bring it back to the blog and b) make it Christmassy to fit with the overall theme of the month.

#ThrowbackThursday: Christmas in the City
Eileen (right) and I near the Rockefeller Center tree, probably in 1988.

I find it kind of funny that Rockefeller Center looks pretty much the same at the holidays now as it did 25-ish years ago. Other than upgrading the tree to LED lights, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of changes. Can’t say the same about Eileen and me, though. Which is a good thing. I didn’t really benefit from bangs, and… well, does she have a perm? Or just some serious curling iron action?

Worth noting about this photo — it’s been re-cropped into a square because I instagrammed it in order to put a filter on it and make it (slightly) less crummy-looking — but the size and overall quality of it suggest it was probably taken with my delightful Kodak disc camera… which was basically the film equivalent of early cell phone photos: grainy, dark, terrible. I’m as glad technology evolved as I am that I grew out my bangs.