60 Days Down

Tiny wine, big glass.
Tiny wine, big glass.
  • After my haircut tonight, I went into Whole Foods to get milk, but was wishing I could buy small bottles of wine – like on an airplane, except not such awful wine. As it turns out, they have a decent selection of splits, so not single-serving, but still much more one-person friendly. I felt like I willed them into being by the sheer force of wanting them so much.
  • Related: I had a delicious glass of Cotes du Rhone with my dinner.
  • At 10:30 on Tuesday night, I used Amazon’s Kindle book-loaning service to send my cousin the first of the Hunger Games trilogy. She returned it to me less than 24 hours later and I sent the second book, which she finished today. She’s refused the third book at this point in order to catch up on her sleep, but I’m wholly impressed with her ability to power through two books while simultaneously managing three very active sons!
  • Today’s weather was the exact opposite of yesterday’s – almost 70 degrees, sunny, and all-around gorgeous. It was nice enough for lunch outside, and I have to say, this is the only time I can recall having had two lunches outside by March 1.
  • I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad that tomorrow is Friday. On one hand, I am desperate for a weekend, on the other, I could use another day or two in the office to get a little ahead of my to-do list. I’m heading to Houston at the end of next week, and have a lot to get wrapped up before my vacation.

Random Monday

There was a huge, full moon rising tonight as I was coming home from work.
There was a huge, full moon rising tonight as I was coming home from work.

I wrote a blog post for work this morning and have a (much-delayed) deadline for a guest post for my friend Jenna’s blog tonight, so I am nearly out of writerly mojo at this point, so, bullets.

  • Despite my dislike for mornings, I managed to meet friends for breakfast before work today – and I wasn’t even the last one to show up. Good company and bottomless coffee made for a nice way to start the day and took the sting out of the early start.
  • I won free suite-level tickets to tomorrows Caps-Panthers games via Twitter. Yay, Internet! Go Caps!
  • I’ve got my regular tickets for the Caps-Jets game on Thursday and am going to try to catch a little bit of the pregame warmup to get some pictures for one of my Minnesota nephews, who decided to adopt his dad’s hometown team once they relocated to Winnipeg this season. I am doing this despite the fact that he makes his mom send me trash-talk via email.
  • Wednesday is my ice skating lesson – the next to last of the session, I think – and I am not sure my back is up to it. I hate both the idea of losing the money I paid and backsliding on the progress I’ve made, but I also don’t want to hurt myself in some permanent way. Fingers crossed that in two days time by back feels awesome and makes this decision easy.
  • My neighbor Maggie, whom I know only via the Internet, and her husband have invited me to a little shindig they’re having on Saturday – and I’ve decided to pretend I’m not someone who is terrified of showing up to parties alone, and am actually going to go.
  • Despite having a ton of UFOs (unfinished objects) lying around, I’m starting a new knitting project – a felted sleeve for my Kindle. My friend Julia, in researching covers for her new Kindle, discovered that the model of case I have is the likely culprit of all the freezing/crashing/battery life issues I’ve been having with my Kindle, so I am making my own replacement.

So, that’s my week – plus work, of course – in a nutshell. Enough to keep me busy, I think.