First Things First


Turning to a prompt from BlogHer for tonight’s post:

What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?

This one is almost too easy, as anyone who knows me outside the internet knows — or at least suspects — the answer to this one: I grab my phone. First stop there is the NPR app, so I can stream the news. Next, I either play whatever Words with Friends games came in overnight (sometimes really good words pop into my brain before its fully awake) or I take a spin through Facebook or Twitter, depending on how much time I have.

The question of how much time I have doesn’t depend, as the prompt suggests, on how many times I’ve hit the snooze, as I don’t ever use it. In fact, I am almost always awake when my alarm goes off, and in the rare instance that I’m not, it puts me off my game all day. (It’s seriously, impossibly disconcerting and I just can’t recover from it.) Continue reading

Weekending/Make a List

Stormtroopers at the Capitol!
Stormtroopers at the Capitol!

When on staycation — especially when there is a holiday in the mix — it’s hard to decide where the weekend begins, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going with Friday.

  • Enjoyed some quiet snuggle time with my nephew G., when he snuck upstairs to see if I was awake yet. (I was.)
  • Had my favorite breakfast of the year: apple pie and stuffing, a/k/a Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Cracked up watching Baseball Bloopers with my nephews and brother.
  • Discovered that chocolate goldfish crackers with tiny, cereal-style marshmallows exist, courtesy of my cousin Susan’s legendary snack tray.
  • Spent many hours catching up with Susan and her family.
  • Marveled at how adult my nieces are becoming. How can that be happening?
  • Forgot to take any family photos.
  • Watched my Caps squeak out yet another shootout win.
  • Listened to my brother share depressing stats about how few actual, regulation wins the Caps have.
  • Drove home, too tired and too late, but made it safely.
  • Spent a whole day in my pajamas, being unspeakably lazy.
  • Got up early to go see Stormtroopers — and, as it turned out, Darth Vader — down by the Capitol with my nephews and sister-in-law. (They were filming a promotional piece for a proposed Museum of Science Fiction.)
  • Checked out the Capitol Christmas tree.
  • Took my nephews on their first visit to what I call “the bouncy walkway” at the National Gallery of Art. (It’s the unusually springy moving sidewalk between the East and West buildings, and also a piece of installation art called Multiverse.)
Bouncing along!
Bouncing along!
  • Saw an exhibit on Byzantine art (because D. wanted to see something “very old”) and stopped by the Calder mobiles.
  • Ate brunch at one of my favorite neighborhood joints, the Argonaut.
  • Did the boring weekend things: laundry, dishes, etc.
  • Considered buying a Christmas tree, decided to wait until next weekend.
  • Watched PBS’s new Downton Abbey recap episode to get ready for season four.
  • Tuned in for a little bit of the Sunday night football game, wherein the two teams I like were playing each other, with the goal of determining which is actually the worst in the NFC East.
  • Stayed up later than planned.

What did you do this weekend — no matter when it started for you?

Blogging along with Amanda, on both her Weekending them and her December prompts.