My Baby Wrote Me a Letter

My Baby Wrote Me a Letter

A couple of months back, when the US Postal Service announced its plan to end Saturday mail service, my friend Jenna decided – along with her friend Leslie – to show their support for snail mail by sending letters and postcards to friends and to the folks that read their blogs. I was immediately reminded of my (wholly unsuccessful) plan to send a postcard a week in 2012 and decided the time was right to make that project a success.

And then I waited two months because… dormant blog, general laziness, whatever.

During that time, however, I did solve one of the problems that proved a sticking point in 2012 – that the touristy postcards that are everywhere in DC didn’t really inspire me in any way. To combat this, I ordered a batch of custom postcards, using my own Instagram photos, from I am very happy with the way they came out and am looking forward to getting them out in the mail.

So… give me your address and I’ll send you one. Use the linked form (rather than the comments) since it’s private, and please fill it out even if you think I already have your address – just to make sure the one I have is up-to-date. No guarantees when your postcard will arrive, but I’ll get one to you!

60 Days Down

Tiny wine, big glass.
Tiny wine, big glass.
  • After my haircut tonight, I went into Whole Foods to get milk, but was wishing I could buy small bottles of wine – like on an airplane, except not such awful wine. As it turns out, they have a decent selection of splits, so not single-serving, but still much more one-person friendly. I felt like I willed them into being by the sheer force of wanting them so much.
  • Related: I had a delicious glass of Cotes du Rhone with my dinner.
  • At 10:30 on Tuesday night, I used Amazon’s Kindle book-loaning service to send my cousin the first of the Hunger Games trilogy. She returned it to me less than 24 hours later and I sent the second book, which she finished today. She’s refused the third book at this point in order to catch up on her sleep, but I’m wholly impressed with her ability to power through two books while simultaneously managing three very active sons!
  • Today’s weather was the exact opposite of yesterday’s – almost 70 degrees, sunny, and all-around gorgeous. It was nice enough for lunch outside, and I have to say, this is the only time I can recall having had two lunches outside by March 1.
  • I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad that tomorrow is Friday. On one hand, I am desperate for a weekend, on the other, I could use another day or two in the office to get a little ahead of my to-do list. I’m heading to Houston at the end of next week, and have a lot to get wrapped up before my vacation.