The End

Well, folks, here it is: post 365/365 for 2012. I thought I would feel a great sense of accomplishment, but what I am actually feeling is relief. I don’t have to post anything tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that.

I will post again eventually, but it won’t be until I have something to say. I am not entirely sure yet if I’m going to jettison all of my regular fallbacks – 10 on Tuesday, Three Beautiful Things, Sunday Snapshot, etc. – but it is possible.

Despite my eagerness for a break, I have learned a lot from this project. It did help me be more observant, but it also made me realize I need time to reflect on what I am seeing. There were more times than I care to count when I would see/hear/read/think something that was a great start of a post, but I’d dump it because I had to have a post today, and there was no time to do it justice.

So if I have a blogging plan for 2013, it’s to put more time into what I’m writing. This will mean far fewer posts, as my brain is sloooow, but hopefully I’ll be swapping quantity for quality.

For those of you who have stuck with me through this entire year by reading, commenting on, and liking my posts, many thanks. It means more than you know.