My DC: Dancing in the Streets

So, this week the “my” of the title is conceptual, rather than literal. I was too caught up in the moment on Tuesday night to remember to take pictures of the celebrations at Trusty’s as the victory was announced. I also decided to be sensible and go to bed instead of heading across town to the White House for the big, spontaneous party that erupted there. (I began to regret this as soon as sprite called me as she, Rudi, and John drove past/through the festivities on their way back to Dupont. It sounded so, so fun.)

Therefore, to get a bit of a local flavor from Tuesday night, I’ll point you in the direction of my favorite local blog, dcist, for pictures of the night, and to Hillary, whose My DC post for today features the line for the commemorative newspaper outside the offices of the Washington Post. (I saw this line too, on Thursday, en route to a meeting, but neglected to take a photo. Clearly, I was asleep at the wheel this week when it comes to taking pictures.)

Next week, I’ll try to remember to actually take some photos of my own!

Update: Even though she’s jetted off to Paris for vacation, sprite still took time to post some photos from the ride home mentioned above. It’s such an exuberant scene!

My DC: Happy Halloween?

This is a house across the street from where I live. Clearly, these folks dig Halloween — this display has gotten bigger each of the three years I’ve lived in my current apartment. Now, I love a good holiday display, but spiders? Ugh. I seriously hate spiders, so I can’t help but wish I had neighbors who are deeply into pumpkins, instead.

(I hope the photos look ok — I am loading this entire post, photos and all, from my phone, so they aren’t color-corrected or cropped.)

Updated to make the photos bigger. The full creepiness of the spiders was kinda lost in the miniaturized versions the iPhone application loaded.