Australia 2014, Days Five-Seven: #Weekending, Canberra-Style

As the weekend got underway, it was time for us to move on from Melbourne to Canberrra, where Alison and I were visiting Mark and Sara, DC friends who are working for the US government in Australia’s capital city. Our flight was around lunchtime, so we had a leisurely morning at the hotel before heading to the airport, which was a nice change of pace after a couple of early wake-ups.

The flight to Canberra was uneventful, though notable for a few reasons:

  • Alison and I got on the plane without ever once showing ID.
  • I could have gotten through security screening with my half-full bottle of water, had I not preemptively tossed it, US-style.
  • Sandwiches were provided (at no charge) along with beverages once we were in the air.
  • We got off the plane using the stairs and walked to the terminal.
  • Mark met us at the gate.

It was like we went back in time to 90s-style travel!

Canberra was experiencing a rare (but needed) rainy day when we arrived, so we ended up getting a bit of a driving tour through town before stopping in at the Southern Cross Yacht Club, where we had a beer and watched it rain sideways across Canberra’s lake.20140217-230319.jpg Continue reading