The Week Ahead

The springy vibe from the weekend has definitely carried over to this morning and is almost enough to mitigate the Monday-ness of it all. The sun and warmth are supposed to last a few more days before we move into the other “given” of springtime: rain. After all the snow we’ve been through, however, a few days of drizzle sound fine to me, particularly because I’m not going to be here anyway.

Anyway, as has recently become the custom, here’s a look at what the week has in store for me:

Monday – I don’t know how it happened, but I have a meeting-free day today.* I’m going to celebrate this amazing fact by having lunch outside in the circle for the first time this year. And tonight I have a date with my television to watch the Caps go for another home win, this time against the Stars.

Tuesday – Another relatively low-key, though not meeting-free, day. As is the case with Tuesdays this time of year, the highlight is getting to go home and watch LOST. I have to be sure to tune in early for the “pop-up video” replay of last week’s episode, since it’s the first one in the history of the show that left me utterly flummoxed. I’d be remiss, too, if I didn’t note that Tuesday is my cousin Susan’s birthday. She’s exactly a month older than I am, so gets the great honor of hitting the big 3-9 first. (Lucky her, heh?) Happy Birthday!

Wednesday – As it usually seems to be, Wednesday is full of meetings — four so far, though I’ll probably pick up one or two more by the time it gets here. That’s just how Wednesdays seem to go. After work, I have my usual tutoring appointment, and then more hockey to watch once I get home. (Go Caps!)

Thursday – I have a full-day training workshop on advanced filtering in the CMS (content management system) we use for our website. I bet you wish you were me!

Friday – I get sleep in, pack at a leisurely pace, and head to the airport for a long weekend in Houston. Other than family time once I land, I don’t know what else the day will bring.

Saturday & Sunday – Again, no real sense of where the weekend will be taking me, other than a delayed baby shower for Eileen & Chris. (You’ll recall that their wee fellow arrived so suddenly that there wasn’t time to properly bestow gifts on them. Their friends have seen to it that this oversight is going to be rectified.) I’m guessing there will be a fairly aggressive schedule of snuggling on the sofa with the baby, punctuated by eating and playing Wii.

What’s on the schedule for your second week of March?

Oh, this is entirely random, and wholly unrelated to the theme of this post, but I really like this photo I took on Saturday at warmups before the Caps game, so I thought I’d share it.

Oh, Captain! My Captain!
Oh, Captain! My Captain!

*I spoke too soon on this; no more had I gotten to work than Bossman asked me to cover a meeting for him. Sigh.

The Last Straw?

For the last year or so I’ve been talking myself into and back out of getting a new television. The one I have is on the small side (20 inches, maybe 24),  is about 15 years old, and isn’t digital or flat-panel or hi-def or any of the other things that 21st century televisions are.

The crux of my problem with upgrading is that it’s a twofold expense — the television itself, and then the cable package (the aforementioned digital & hi-def, along with DVR) that actually make it worth buying — and I just don’t want to pay that much. Doing one without the other, however, is fairly pointless. I was just about to finally break down and do it last fall, but then the opportunity to go to Egypt came up, and without a second thought, I spent my fancy tv budget on a vacation.

Tonight, though, I was seriously feeling the lack.

The Caps were playing in Boston and had a chance to win a record-breaking 11 games in a row and went into the 3rd period tied 1-1 — at exactly the same time that the premiere of the final season of LOST was starting.  If ever there was a situation made for DVR, this was it. Instead, I flipped back-and-forth as much as I could manage, but I still missed Brooks Laich’s game-winning goal. (I did catch Ovie’s empty-netter at the end of the 3rd, however.) I’ll get the LOST episode tomorrow via iTunes, so I’ll have a chance to re-watch the bits I missed, but really, it’s 2010. I need a freakin’ DVR.

Hm. Tax refund?