Sunday Not-Snapshot: Chasing Rainbows

I am no sort of an artist when it comes to drawing – I never really progressed past a grade-school skill level – but after a couple of weeks of trying to explain what my post-LASIK rainbow vision looks like, I thought I’d try to sketch it out. Here’s my attempt:

A streetlamp through my Lasik-eyes.
A streetlamp through my Lasik-eyes.

Not much of a picture, but I hope it gets the point across. (The blue squiggles denote darkness, by the way. This is a phenomenon that happens mostly at night.)

The best part of deciding to do this is that I now own a brand-new box of Crayolas. It’s entirely possible I spent a goodly part of my Sunday evening huffing that crayon smell. Childhood in a box, I tell you.

Odds and Ends

My new purse - possibly the most impractical (and definitely the pinkest) thing I have ever bought.
My new purse – possibly the most impractical (and definitely the pinkest) thing I have ever bought.

I had my second follow-up from my Lasik surgery today and am happy to report I am up to 20-20 vision in my right eye and 20-25 in my left. I go back again in two weeks for another follow-up, and they expect my left eye will have probably caught up by then.

Under normal circumstances, I don’t watch a lot of Western Conference hockey, but I’ve been enjoying watching the LA Kings steamroll their way through their opponents this playoff season. What I am not sure I fully realized until last night – when they shut out the New Jersey Devils in a beatdown that was so thorough that “shut out” seems insufficient – was that it didn’t matter who the Kings faced from the Eastern Conference. They are full-on unstoppable right now.

I am ridiculously smitten with the new purse I bought on Sunday when Joanne and I made one of our semi-annual outlet mall runs. We both hate shopping, so this time we rewarded ourselves with a stop at Kate Spade on the way out.

In case you were wondering a few weeks back why I was knitting fingerless gloves in the summer, this Washington Post article explains why – and also explains “pashmina mummy,” a state I know well.

I thought I was going to stay up until the end of this Nats-Mets game, but the Nats have just tied it up in the bottom of the 12th. Unless they walk it off asap, I am gonna have to give up and get to bed. (Go Nats!)