Australia 2014, Days Five-Seven: #Weekending, Canberra-Style

As the weekend got underway, it was time for us to move on from Melbourne to Canberrra, where Alison and I were visiting Mark and Sara, DC friends who are working for the US government in Australia’s capital city. Our flight was around lunchtime, so we had a leisurely morning at the hotel before heading to the airport, which was a nice change of pace after a couple of early wake-ups.

The flight to Canberra was uneventful, though notable for a few reasons:

  • Alison and I got on the plane without ever once showing ID.
  • I could have gotten through security screening with my half-full bottle of water, had I not preemptively tossed it, US-style.
  • Sandwiches were provided (at no charge) along with beverages once we were in the air.
  • We got off the plane using the stairs and walked to the terminal.
  • Mark met us at the gate.

It was like we went back in time to 90s-style travel!

Canberra was experiencing a rare (but needed) rainy day when we arrived, so we ended up getting a bit of a driving tour through town before stopping in at the Southern Cross Yacht Club, where we had a beer and watched it rain sideways across Canberra’s lake.20140217-230319.jpg Continue reading

Australia 2014, Day Four: Melbourne & the Penguin Parade

Unsurprisingly, I’m behind on blogging about my time in Australia – there’s just been so much going on during the days, leaving me too tired at night to get caught up. But we’re having a bit of a slow morning before heading to the beach, so I’m going to recap Friday and the weekend before everyone else is out of bed.

(Speaking of getting out of bed, Friday started out with quite a sunrise, through Melbourne’s smoky haze.)


Friday’s activities began with what would have been, if not for the flight delay, our first tour — Melbourne City Sights. We might have liked it better at the beginning, when we were still getting oriented, but given how terrible the guide was, perhaps not. The city itself did not disappoint, however, even though the guide did. Continue reading