Our Ike Story

Hand written Saturday, September 13, 2008 (transcribed and posted Tuesday, September 16)

We crashed last night in our make-shift bunker…a.k.a. an interior downstairs hallway where we put a twin mattress. We moved there shortly after we lost power at 10:30pm and the rain started about an hour later. We played scrabble ‘til the wee hours by candle light and listened to the radio storm cast (I had pre-positioned cake plates loaded with multiple candles and matches throughout the house for when the power went out). The intermittent and abrupt noises sent me scurrying around with a flash light to ensure no breaches and no water. I played dozens of games of solitaire (with actual cards) to pass the time – so many games that I managed to win five hands without cheating.

Chris assured me (before taking short naps) that the noises were “nothing” … daylight broke about a half hour ago (7am) and we can finally see what’s happening. Although the very worst of the wind and rain have passed, I’d guess we are still having 35-45 mph sustained winds (that’s just a guess) with higher gusts, and its still raining sideways. This has taken a real toll on the neighborhood. We have lost significant tree limbs – but none hit the house. Thank God! Our neighbors lost a massive tree uprooted from its base. If it had fallen 90 degree from its actual trajectory that 20×30’ tarp I bought might not have covered the hole. (180 degrees would have taken out ½ the neighbors house!) Our across the street neighbor also lost a tree, snapped at the base, which again thankfully fell away from her house (six feet behind it) and across the street. We also lost a full length of fence and gate and have a window upstairs that leaked profusely at the track so the carpet is soaked (urgh!) Lastly by our two sets of sliding glass doors we have water wicking up through the seams of the hard woo floors. While not too significant in volume, we’ll have long term hardwood damage.

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