Slow Road to Normal

I just wanted to provide an update to the Hurricane Ike saga in Houston.

Chris and I got power back Sunday evening, September 21 – ten days after the storm. YIPPIE!!!! And really we are lucky. Some in our neighborhood and city are still waiting (like a half million people)! I’m really not all that upset with Centerpoint – they’ve had a monumental task – but still its been HOT this last week.

And we’ve had great adventures in driving with most of the thousands of traffic signals in town out. It’s like Nairobi but in Houston (in many, many ways).

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying the AC this week and try to stay home as much as possible to avoid the chaos outside. But we still don’t have cable/internet which helps to explain why I have not written more about our adventure in domestic rebuilding. And why I am so bored.

There is more to say but I’m not feeling the need to burden you with details today. We are well and enjoying the not so small creature comforts we usually take for granted. So be thankful today for your AC, hot water, and those pesky traffic lights – you really are better off with ’em than without ’em!


Friday 9/26/08 UPDATE: We finally have cable/internet back — YIPPIE!  I should say, however, that we still have friends and neighbors without power so I am a bit sheepish in my rejoicing. Oh, and when I drove home yesterday they had fixed our neighborhood traffic signals, in fact improving the timing in the process.  How awesome is that?

The Aftermath

So the storm stopped for us by noon on Saturday, September 13. We spent the first part of the afternoon sleeping because we were tired! I slept through the alarm on my cell phone, but were grateful that friends Jeff and Christi had walked over (from about a mile away) to say hi and take pictures. So we visited with them and then set outside to begin helping neighbors cut down the trees that blocked us in on two of three sides. (Love chain saws and strapping young men!) Our theory is that for the lights to come on and everything to stay safe and normal, trucks have to be able to get down the streets!

Saturday evening was an early night (we are now on farmers hours – we go with the light). I woke up about 4am Sunday morning hearing the rain and worrying about the leaky window. I went to check on it, and pretty much realized when its not raining at a 90 degree angle it is okay.

Sunday, September 14 it rained most of the morning causing secondary flooding issues (the street is full again) and all the yard debris is soaked. We heard from Emily and Jared around noon that they had power so we set out for their place, cooler of Little Venice, etc. in tow, and in tact!!!!

Although the rain was really the last thing we needed Sunday, it was a blessing in disguise because it ushered in a “cold front” that is/will drop evening temps to the 60s and hold day time temps to 70-82 for the whole week. How awesome is that when you don’t have power? Its almost like you don’t need it!! (Really overnight we haven’t needed it.)

So Sunday was, indeed, a day of rest. Continue reading