10 on Tuesday: A Pre-Holiday To-Do List

10 on Tuesday: A Pre-Holiday To-Do List

I have to say, Carole’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is perfect for today — I needed to make a pre-Christmas to-do list anyway, and letting it do double-duty as a blog post helps a lot. Here’s what I need to get done in the next, 36 hours or so…

1. Get through my last work day of 2014 (which is a whole ‘nother to-do list).

2. Schlep all my online shopping home from the office. (There’s kind of a lot. I’ll be unpopular on Metro tonight.)

3. Wrap, wrap, wrap.

4. Figure out where to stash all the wrapped presents so the kittens won’t gnaw at the corners, as they like to do.

5. Finish the baking – I’ve got half a batch of chocolate crinkles to go, I’d like to make macaroons and one last batch of gingersnaps, and I’ve got about three dozen tadelles to frost. Which may not be enough. Oh, and cranberry bread. Can’t forget that.

7. Make the cranberry salsa. Only my mom, sister-in-law, and I will eat it, but it’s worth it anyway!

8. Watch my favorite Christmas movies. I’ve somehow gotten two days out without watching “Love, Actually,” “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” or “A Christmas Story.” I think they’ll be playing in the background tomorrow was I work my way through 3-7 on this list.

9. Pack for my Christmas Eve overnight with the family. I picked up a pair of festive jammies at Target the other night, so that if I’m in the background of unwrapping photos, I won’t be wearing holey yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

10. Try to figure out who is coming for pre-Winter Classic breakfast/brunch on New Year’s day, and what I’m going to feed them.

What’s still on your list this December 23rd?

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping
Just a few of our adopt-a-family gifts,

When I was growing up, the church I went to had a tradition called the “giving tree.” Instead of ornaments, it was decorated with gift tags, each listing an item requested by a  community member in need. I liked the idea of buying something for a specific person — it somehow felt more real than other seasonal donations,  because I knew I was getting something that was really wanted.

Over the years, though, since I gave up going to church, I switched to things like Toys for Tots and other, more random, gift drives for the holidays. That is, until  a few years ago when Julia joined the team at the office, and brought with her a fondness for the adopt-a-family program run by her church (the Cathedral of Saint Matthew, so maybe “church” is downplaying it a bit).

Christmas Wrapping
Lots of presents to wrap!

I think this year marked the fourth Christmas she’s rallied a team of colleagues to buy gifts for strangers. We were assigned three families, which means there were a lot of gifts to wrap — a good problem to have.

It seems super-corny to say, but adopt-a-family wrapping day has become one of my favorite days of the year at the office. I love seeing so many of my colleagues jumping in to help make the holiday season bright for other people. It’s yet another piece of evidence that I work at a really great place.

Many thanks to Julia for making it happen every year!

Christmas Wrapping
Lindsay rolls the hand-truck of gifts to the elevator.