Love and Memories, x70

Love and Memories, x70

Today is my mom’s birthday, one of those milestone-y ones that usually inspire fancy parties, but alas, Mom’s not a big fan of having birthday parties thrown for her. So not a fan, in fact, that I can still recall her emphatically telling Dad she’d divorce him if he threw her a 40th birthday party. I’m hoping that throwing her a virtual party — one where her family and friends share what they love about her and some favorite memories online — will not have a similarly dire outcome for me.

(In case it does, I’d like to take this opportunity to note that this was totally Eileen’s idea.)

Without further ado, here is a list of things we love and memories we have — one for every year so far, and hoping to add many more in the future. Happy birthday, Ma!


1-4, courtesy of Susie & Tony, friends/neighbors

M is for the very many, many, considerate, thoughtful, kindhearted, motherly, things that Mary will do for the Kollars and anybody that she encounters. You can always count on Mary.

A is for always knowing when the garbage and recycling should go out, darn those holidays when everyone forgets, but not Mary.

R is for really having the scoop on what goes on in the neighborhood!

Y is for always being so young at heart in mind, body and soul.

5. Who would have ever thought that they would be 70, but they were the best sisters you could ever have unless they were ganging up on you! — Fred, brother

6. Mary is my best girlfriend … she had no choice. — Fran, sister

We love that…

7. Even though I’ll be 40 next year, I’m still her baby. — Eileen, daughter

8. Aunt Mary calls me Suz sometimes 😉 — Susan, niece

9. Mary is always willing to help, and seems to know exactly what type of help is needed…a laugh, a break from the daily routine, or a little shopping therapy. — Jen, daughter-in-law

10. Dear Grandma, I like to play on the iPad with you in bed. love, Declan
10. Dear Grandma, I like to play on the iPad with you in bed. love, Declan

11. Aunt Mary makes the best roasted leg of lamb I have ever eaten. — Kate, niece

12. Mary is a warm and loving human being. — Nick, cousin

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