Real Memory or Afterschool Special?

Have you ever had a memory that you weren’t sure was really yours?

The news over the weekend about Whitney Houston’s untimely death has me wondering about a vague recollection I have from high school, one where we had a school assembly or pep rally – I picture being in the Binghamton High School gym – where Whitney’s “The Greatest Love of All” was, basically, the centerpiece of the event. I don’t remember much else, other than an impression that it was some sort of self esteem-building thing. I mean, how could it not be, with this being the soundtrack:

What I am wondering, though, is whether or not this actually took place. It’s entirely possible that I saw something like that on an Afterschool Special and, some 25-ish years later, think it happened in my life.

So, I ask you, any high school friends* who may read this… Was this real? Or is my memory shot?


*And/or my siblings, of course – we did overlap a couple of years at BHS, after all.

Wayback Wednesday: Parade Day

On the list of random facts you may not know about me is that I have (well, had) mad baton-twirling skillz. I never made it to the point of being a majorette in high school or anything, but I took lessons from the time I was four until I was about 12. Over the years I learned regular twirling, as well as little flags (as the photo shows), and, ultimately, fire. Burned all the hair off one of my arms twirling fire, in fact. Eileen took lessons for a while, too, but not – as far as I recall, anyway – as long as I did.

My teacher was the married older sister of a school friend who taught us in her basement. Eventually, she had enough students to form a little group to perform in local parades. We were called the Pink Panthers, with the cute hot-pink skirts shown below. I have a vague recollection of there being some sort of falling out amongst the group that led to the creation of a second group – Pink Panthers, Ltd. (I know, right?) – but I have no real idea what that was all about. What I do know is that we marched in more parades than I can remember, mostly because I blocked them out. Why? It’s simple: Binghamton, New York; St. Patrick’s Day and/or Veteran’s Day; a mile-plus parade route; and short skirts. You cannot imagine the cold…

Clearly, this picture was from a summer parade – Memorial Day or 4th of July, perhaps.

Eileen and me, circa 1979.
Eileen and me, circa 1979.


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