It Started Out Like This…

But alas, did not end with the same jubilation.

I am, however, grateful for a getting to watch a tremendous, breakout team – and experiencing the first baseball postseason in DC in generations has been unforgettable. 2012 Nationals, thanks for all the fun and Natitude. See you in the spring.

Christmas in October

I got off the Metro tonight after work in a huge hurry. After watching the first few innings of the Nats’ win-or-go-home game at a bar with my colleagues following our staff retreat, I was busting a move to get home quickly to see the rest. I stopped dead in my tracks, however, when I crossed kitty-corner from the Eastern Market station and noticed that giant, red Christmas balls had been hung on the pine tree in the park.

Shaking my head and cursing the ever-earlier arrival of holiday hype, I took a couple of steps along my way before I burst out laughing, because there were “Curly Ws” – the Nationals’ logo – all over the ornaments.

I love my neighborhood.