Crossing Things Off My List, Part One

The Adirondacks, from Prospect Mountain
The Adirondacks, from Prospect Mountain

I’m just back from my long weekend in Albany, where I visited with friends, ate a lot of food, and checked a few things off the list of summer plans I wrote last month. Specifically, I covered items two and three on that list, and kind of hit number five by having drinks – several times – along the Hudson. It wasn’t the Potomac as intended, but my old hometown of Troy has done a lovely job of sprucing up its waterfront, so it will count for the time being.

In order to counteract that “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation” feeling, I’m not heading back to the office until Monday, so there’s a reasonably good chance I’ll cross at least one (buy a grill) and possibly two (start doing yoga again) by the time I head back to the grind. I’ve also covered number 10, having seen Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, and U2 in the past month. I’m not gonna lie – I’m pleasantly surprised that I could be more than halfway through the list before hitting the midpoint of summer.

And because I’m not back at the office yet, I actually had time to organize my photos from the trip and make a slideshow already… Now if I could just get my suitcase unpacked!

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Oh, and if you want more information on the seven-pound hotdog referenced in the slideshow, Wendy’s got the scoop for you over at Wendalicious.

Pink, White, and Baby Blue

I was beset with a strange urge to go shopping this Fourth of July morning, but since spending money is kind of the American way, it didn’t seem all that inappropriate. Out of character, to be sure (I honestly can’t remember the last time I wanted to go shopping) but not a bad way to spend the day – given that the outlet mall is outdoors and the weather was stupendous. And as it turned out, my patriotism extended beyond just helping the economy – when I got home, I realized the shirts I bought actually made a pastel version of the all-American red, white, and blue.

Patriotic Pastels

Sadly, I can’t think of a circumstance where I will wear all of these at once, so this will be the only chance they have to look like a very delicate American flag.

(Shannon is very excited that I am writing here. She just said, “You’re blogging at my house! That’s so cool!” I now feel rather sorry that this post is so lame.)

We’re heading out shortly to go watch the fireworks at the Summerfest here in Averill Park. It’s my understanding there may be funnel cake, and if so, I feel it will be my duty to eat some, because eating unhealthy food seems just about as patriotic as going shopping, amiright?

Yay, America! Happy birthday!