Slideshow: Alaskan Flowers

When I got back from Alaska last month, I had grand plans to have my photos – all 1,300 of them – organized within a week. Unsurprisingly, it seems like that goal was a bit overzealous, since that would have had me finished… uh… two weeks ago, and to be honest, I’ve hardly started. My first stab at getting things organized is this little slideshow of some of the amazingly beautiful flowers I saw on the trip.

(I really like taking close-ups of flowers. I was perpetually falling behind the group, trying to get a great shot. Fortunately, I was one of the faster walkers in the group, so I always caught up quickly.)

Interesting bit of trivia I learned: flowers tend to grow amazingly well, despite the fact that summer is short and fairly cool. Why? Because of the midnight sun. Apparently, 24 straight hours of daylight makes for excellent growing.

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