Wayback Wednesday: Nose-to-Nose

Eileen and Grandpa McG, c. 1977
Eileen and Grandpa McG, c. 1977

My sister (and occasional co-blogger) Eileen’s birthday is Saturday, so in advance of that auspicious occasion, she gets today’s Wayback Wednesday post. Mom sent this picture – along with quite a few others – when she was passing along the pictures from Dad’s trip to the Super Bowl. It was a new one to me, though it certainly isn’t the only photo I’ve seen of Eileen and Grandpa looking adorable. We’ve always joked that Eileen was his “retirement project” and she was certainly the apple of his eye.

In this photo, they appear to be doing what we would have called “Eskimo kisses” at the time – rubbing their noses together – but that just sounds like something one doesn’t say in this day and age. What are we calling this now?

Anyway, happy birthday in advance, little sister. Hope it’s a happy one!

(Oh, and speaking of birthdays, today is my friend Rudi’s… If you feel so inclined, swing on over to his piece of the Internet and wish him a happy one!)

Wayback Wednesday: Incomplete Set

Spring is a big birthday season in my family – the five of us (my siblings and cousins) were all born within about a 10-week span between March and May, with three of us in April. This photo was taken sometime around Easter – and is our last cousins photo as a foursome, since Eileen arrived a few weeks later.

The young lady on the left – known here in blog land as Common Loon – will be having a birthday tomorrow (almost today, given how late I am posting this), so if you’re inclined, wish her a happy one in the comments.