#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas

Over the years, I have ended up with a small and extremely random assortment of Christmas photos from my childhood, which has made it hard to pick good photos for holiday-themed Throwback Thursday posts. I did find a great one a couple of weeks ago that involved my brother wearing a giant KISS belt buckle, but I couldn’t find it today. (Huge bummer. The belt buckle really deserved a post.)

Instead, I have two pictures from the Christmas of 1974, which I know is the correct date for both because my grandma helpfully labeled the back of one of these — and I noticed that, though I am wearing different clothes, both my hair and the tree ornaments are the same in the other. (I shoulda been a detective!)

This would have been Eileen’s first Christmas, but these are the only photos I have, so… Sorry, sis. You were apparently not interested in posing for the camera.

#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas
New sweatshirt for Brian! Am I wearing a coat or a bathrobe?
#ThrowbackThursday: That 70s Christmas
Whoa. That doll has a terrifyingly large head. No wonder I look a little concerned.

Wayback Wednesday: Not December

It’s been a while since I’ve opened up the shoebox-o-photos to post something from the olden days, so I poked around and found this cute one – of my brother and me rocking some serious 70s prints – that I haven’t shared yet.

On the side of the picture there is a tiny stamp that says “Dec 72,” but Binghamton in December requires a lot more clothes. We’re dressed a little more like July of August, methinks. With today’s instant gratification cell phone cameras, it’s easy to forget that it could take six months or more to polish off a roll of film.