You Can Dance If You Want To

The Internet, as anyone who has spent more than five minutes on it knows, is full of crap. There’s plenty of good stuff, too, but the high volume of utter nonsense can make it hard to find. A couple of years ago, my friend/colleague Julia passed along a tip about one of the good things – a series of videos called “Where the Hell is Matt,” in which a guy does a silly dance in locations around the globe. It doesn’t sound like much, I’ll admit, but they’re entirely non-cyncial and have joy to them that is hard to find anywhere in 2012, never mind online.

While I was in Alaska, I saw a tweet that mentioned Matt had a new video out and thought, “Oh! I need to remember to watch that when I get home.” And then promptly forgot. Fortunately, Twitter is nothing if not repetitive, and a post today from the New York Times  jogged my memory.

If you liked this, the other three videos – from 2005, 2006, and 2008 – are definitely worth your time. If you don’t like it, well, I expect you hate kittens and apple pie, too, which means you’re someone I just don’t understand.

Matt does have a page on his website for charities that work in some of the countries where he has danced, and I’m considering throwing a few dollars in, as a way of saying thanks. And I might sign up to dance if he ever makes it back to DC.

Awesome or Creepy?

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter since yesterday:

I think it’s super-clever that someone was able to make a cohesive-sounding song from clips from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, but there’s something about it that creeps me out a little. Maybe it’s the auto-tune? I definitely appear to be in the minority – most everyone seems to love it. (Sprite looked at me like I was slightly insane when I said I thought it was creepy.) So… what do you think?