#ThrowbackThursday: Christmas in the City

Longtime blog readers (those of you who haven’t vanished due to nearly two years of extremely limited posting) may recall that, back in 2011/12 I tried to make “Wayback Wednesday” a thing — only to discover that the internet had instead decided “Throwback Thursday” was the way to go. So close, and yet, so far…

Anyway. I am now on board with the rest of the world, sharing old-timey photos on Thursdays, and thought I’d a) bring it back to the blog and b) make it Christmassy to fit with the overall theme of the month.

#ThrowbackThursday: Christmas in the City
Eileen (right) and I near the Rockefeller Center tree, probably in 1988.

I find it kind of funny that Rockefeller Center looks pretty much the same at the holidays now as it did 25-ish years ago. Other than upgrading the tree to LED lights, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of changes. Can’t say the same about Eileen and me, though. Which is a good thing. I didn’t really benefit from bangs, and… well, does she have a perm? Or just some serious curling iron action?

Worth noting about this photo — it’s been re-cropped into a square because I instagrammed it in order to put a filter on it and make it (slightly) less crummy-looking — but the size and overall quality of it suggest it was probably taken with my delightful Kodak disc camera… which was basically the film equivalent of early cell phone photos: grainy, dark, terrible. I’m as glad technology evolved as I am that I grew out my bangs.

Vacation Weekends Are the Best Weekends

It’s time once again for my annual trip home — probably best known as the week I eat my way through upstate New York — and this year is (already) proving to be no exception. But I am getting ahead of myself…

The weekend got off to an early start, with the first of our August half-day Fridays at work. I grabbed my (absurdly heavy) bags, hopped on the Metro, and headed off to meet my brother for the long trip north. And was it ever long this year — between random traffic and road construction, we were on the road for almost seven hours, but at least there was Twitter and knitting to pass the time. The sun was setting as we left Pennsylvania and made it to New York at last.

Northern Pennsylvania through the windshield. Almost home.
Northern Pennsylvania through the windshield. Almost home.

Saturday got off to a bit of a crazy start: Someone abandoned a dog at the house next door, it escaped its carrier, and we — along with half the neighborhood — spent a good chunk of the morning (unsuccessfully) trying to catch it. (Worth noting there’s nothing quite like running around the neighborhood in your pajamas, chatting along the way with people you haven’t seen in years, while looking like an utter disaster.) Continue reading