Generosity, Treats, and Support

The awfulness of yesterday makes it hard to think about beauty in the world, which means it’s probably more important than usual to look for it. Here are three things from my week:

1. For the second year in a row, my friend/colleague Julia organized a group of us to participate in the adopt-a-family program at her church. Because so many people wanted to be involved, two families will have lots of presents under the tree — well beyond what was on their official lists. It’s a great feeling to know I work with such generous people.

2. I have been eating gingersnaps like it’s my job, and pretending that the holiday season somehow absolves them of their calories.

3. Doing some Christmas shopping today, I was so happy to see two great locak shops, Labyrinth Games and Hill’s Kitchen, doing a booming pre-holiday business. I love being able to support neighbor-owned businesses, and it’s terrific to see them doing so well.

What’s been beautiful in your life this week?

Merry, Hockey, and Training

It’s Saturday once again, so time to look back at three beautiful things from the past week.

1. I made merry at friends’ holiday parties — sprite & Rudi’s on Sunday and Charles & Jordi (and baby Cora) earlier today. I love getting the chance to catch up with so many people I don’t see often enough.

2. It was so great to finally get to watch a live hockey game, even if it was just a showcase game for the AHL.

3. I managed to pull off back-to-back Twitter-related trainings – one for an outside group, one for colleagues – without my head exploding. And people even seemed to like them!


(My kitties really do seem to love each other. It’s so sweet.)

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?