Fall isn't looking this pretty anymore, but it's nice to remember when it was.
Fall isn’t looking this pretty anymore, but it’s nice to remember when it was.

I had a notion today that I’d dig into the blog archives and dust off a past November 12 and comment on whatever I was up to however many years back, but as it turns out, I wasn’t up to much. Facebook confirms this — the only notable thing in the “On This Day” feature was last year’s massive southern food lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah. (Which was delightful; I may still be full from the amount I ate.)

So instead, here’s a random assortment of things that are knocking around my brain: Continue reading

2015 Weekending the First

2015 Weekending the First

When I ran out of Sunday before having time to write a blog post, I decided it was a good thing to have happened — re-entry into the working world after almost two weeks of staycation was going to be hard, and having the chance to rehash my weekend would be something to look forward to. And while indeed I am glad to be recapping a very fun weekend, I forgot to factor in how tired I would be. As in, so tired I can hardly see straight.

(Translation: please forgive me if this makes no sense.)

Anyway… because I wasn’t at the office, and because a lot happened, and — most of all — because I like three-day weekends and wish they were all that way, I am once again counting Friday towards the weekend, during which I… Continue reading