#Snowzilla, Day One

You may have heard… it’s snowing in Washington, D.C., more than it has snowed since Snowmageddon in 2010. And, if the forecasts are correct, possibly more than ever before, even the famous (and tragic) Knickerbocker storm of 1928.

There has been some dissent over what to name this storm, because in the Age of the Hashtag, all storms must have a name. The Weather Channel seems to have settled on a hurricane style, human name approach to winter storms, dubbing this one Jonas.

But our local weather gurus, the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, knew that to be lame and solicited other options, settling on #Snowzilla, thanks to this graphic:

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Sunny Monday

Fall on the C&O Canal in Georgetown.
Fall on the C&O Canal in Georgetown.
Once it gets to be mid-November, every truly gorgeous day feels like a gift, and today was one of those days. It was in the high 60s and sunny, so I decided to spend my lunch hour running an errand that required a walk along the Georgetown waterfront (bottom photo), then up Wisconsin past the C&O Canal (top photo). After my task was complete, I picked up a delicious chicken shawarma and mint lemonade and parked myself on a bench and basked in the sunshine. It was terribly cold in the office today, so I felt like a little lizard heating myself up on a rock. It was just what I needed to power myself through the afternoon at work.

But alas, the weatherman on the 11:00 news just said today was “the best day of the week” and that it’s “all downhill” from here. So now I’m extra-glad I spent some time outside today while I had the chance.

The Kennedy Center, ass seen from the Georgetown Waterfront.
The Kennedy Center, as seen from the Georgetown waterfront.