The Weekend That Was

Lapful of cats
Though this photo is not from this weekend, it is reasonably illustrative of how I spent Saturday.

I pretty much only accomplished two things this weekend: going to sporting events and napping.

On Friday night, I kicked off the weekend at the Caps game with my friend Mary and my brother. It was not exactly the best game I’ve ever seen the Caps play, and they lost to the Flames in overtime. (Which was probably the most fun part of the game, because the new three-on-three format is kind of a mess.) I had a great time catching up with Mary, though, so that took the sting out of the loss. Continue reading


Fall isn't looking this pretty anymore, but it's nice to remember when it was.
Fall isn’t looking this pretty anymore, but it’s nice to remember when it was.

I had a notion today that I’d dig into the blog archives and dust off a past November 12 and comment on whatever I was up to however many years back, but as it turns out, I wasn’t up to much. Facebook confirms this — the only notable thing in the “On This Day” feature was last year’s massive southern food lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah. (Which was delightful; I may still be full from the amount I ate.)

So instead, here’s a random assortment of things that are knocking around my brain: Continue reading