…And I Feel Fine

You know what I learned this morning? That the totally fake Mayan Apocalypse is tomorrow, not Saturday, which is when I thought it was. If this were actually the apocalypse, getting the date wrong would be a huge bummer, but since it’s not, all it means is I have to pretend to care about this a whole day sooner than I expected.

I’m not really feeling it, though, so I think I’m gonna proceed with my evening as already planned and go eat French food for dinner with friends and let R.E.M. speak for me:


I have only two things to say tonight:

— When 20 children are murdered in their school, it is not time to have a meaningful dialogue about guns and gun control. It is past time. So far past time. Our wilfully misguided reading of a 225-year-old document is this nation’s shame.

— We need to start dealing with mental illnesses like any other disease, with comprehensive and stigma-free medical care. People will always be reluctant to seek help for themselves or loved ones as long as we continue to treat mental illness like a moral failing rather than a disease.

I am heartsick over the situation in Connecticut, and furious that it happened. After Columbine. After Tech. After Binghamton. After Aurora.

No more afters. This needs to stop.