I Knew This Would Happen

I love this chair – not in this color, but the shape of it, with its slightly overlarge “Alice in Wonderland” back. And there’s an ottoman that goes with it, so it’s comfy!

This afternoon when I was done with work, I ran a rather odd errand for my sister – to a furniture showroom for a store they don’t have in Houston, Room and Board. I was tasked with assessing some furniture she’d seen online to provide intel on whether or not it would work in the new house. I had a list of pieces to look at and was supposed to judge them on comfort, quality, and aesthetics. I thought the last one would be pretty difficult, as I have pretty much no discernible style when it comes to home design. So, while I am glad she trusted me with this reconnaissance mission, I felt fairly unsuited to the task.

As it turns out, though, this furniture store is laid out in such a way, and has such nice-looking stuff, that it was really easy to figure out what looked good and what didn’t. For example, the couch Eileen wanted me to look at just happened to have the ugliest upholstery in the entire store, so while it was comfortable, I was able to steer her away from the “default” fabric to something else.

The unfortunate side effect of spending an hour looking at beautiful room set-ups was not unexpected: I now want to re-decorate in the worst way. Or, I should say, it made the urge worse, since it’s something I’ve been thinking about for about six months now. I’d like my apartment to finally look like an adult lives in it, not someone who relies on hand-me-downs and Ikea for furnishings. But because I’ve never really prioritized this before, I have no idea where to begin. I assume there must be something in between the fancy stuff I saw today and Ikea, but I don’t know what it is.

Any recommendations? I’d be looking for living room furniture – sleeper sofa, chair, shelves/bookcases – and bedroom furniture – headboard, nightstand, bureau, bookcase.