#Snowzilla, Day One

You may have heard… it’s snowing in Washington, D.C., more than it has snowed since Snowmageddon in 2010. And, if the forecasts are correct, possibly more than ever before, even the famous (and tragic) Knickerbocker storm of 1928.

There has been some dissent over what to name this storm, because in the Age of the Hashtag, all storms must have a name. The Weather Channel seems to have settled on a hurricane style, human name approach to winter storms, dubbing this one Jonas.

But our local weather gurus, the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, knew that to be lame and solicited other options, settling on #Snowzilla, thanks to this graphic:

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10 on Tuesday: Chores I Hate Most

When I took this picture about six months ago, I captioned it "Harper is so deeply interested in the dishwasher. Wish I could teach her to load/empty it." I still feel that way.
When I took this picture about six months ago, I captioned it “Harper is so deeply interested in the dishwasher. Wish I could teach her to load/empty it.” I still feel that way.

I’ll admit, when I saw Carole’s prompt for today’s list — 10 chores I hate most — my first thought was “all of them!” because seriously, I don’t like housekeeping. Inconveniently, I also don’t like living in squalor, so I do enough chores to get by and throw money at the rest of them. (Translation: the cleaners come every two weeks.)

Please note that the list below, and the haphazard way I go about doing chores, in no way reflects upon my upbringing. My mother did her damnedest to make me a neat & tidy person, but I was (and am) highly resistant.

1. Taking out the garbage. Though this list is not really in order, this is my number-one most hated duty. And because my kitchen is small and therefore only fits a small garbage can, I have to do it way more often than I’d like.

2. Folding laundry. I am too OCD to just throw my clothes in the drawers unfolded, but I hate the actual process of folding them. It takes too long if I want them to look nice, and I have to do it shut up in my room alone, because the kittens think it’s playtime.

3. Putting away laundry. This is just dumb. It’s easy and fast and yet… I’ll leave a pile of folded clothes on top of the bureau until I’ve worn all but a couple of items.

4. Getting my dirty clothes into the hamper. Despite the fact that it’s mere feet from my bed, where I usually sit while getting changed, my dirty clothes always end up on the floor. It’s like there’s a magnet or something.

5. Cleaning the bathroom. This is part one of why I decided to hire cleaners.

6. Mopping the floors. And this is part two.

7. Emptying the dishwasher. Like the stacked-and-folded laundry, I’ll just use dishes out of the machine rather than emptying it, even though it takes less time than making a pot of coffee. (Yes, I’ve timed it.)

8. Picking up after cooking. I don’t consider cooking itself a chore, probably because it’s something I like to do, but dang… I hate cleaning up afterward. And I often take the lazy way out and just throw a whole pot of leftovers in the fridge rather than putting it in a more appropriate container.

9. Watering the plants. To say I hate this is an overstatement, but the fact that I forget to do it until everything is droopy suggests I don’t like it enough to keep it top-of-mind.

10. Dealing with the mail. I dislike sorting/organizing/recycling the mail so much it already has a blog post of its very own.

What about you? What chores drive you bonkers? Tell me in the comments!