What Is a Week-End?

Look up: The ceiling in the Smithsonian Castle.
Look up: The ceiling in the Smithsonian Castle.

When a weekend arrives during time off from work and is punctuated on either side with holidays, I feel a bit like the Dowager Countess on “Downtown Abbey” when she famously asked, “What is a week-end?” For the purposes of this post, I’m going to go long-weekend style — Friday through Sunday. So, over the last three days I…

  • Worked on my pre-2015 to-do list like a fiend. I cleaned out my front closet, the storage alcove in the living room, my desk, and the night stands. I dealt with (that is: opened, read, and threw out) the giant bag of mail I’d been accumulating for the last six months. I ordered New Years cards. (Christmas cards were a non-starter this year, so I thought I’d start a new tradition.)

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