Counting the Days

Santa C3PO
Santa C3PO

A couple of years ago, I became aware that LEGO made a Star Wars advent calendar, which sounded to me like something my brother’s kids would really like, being fans of both LEGO and Star Wars. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it until well into the holiday season, when an advent calendar is less than useful. And then, last year, it was sold out by the time I went looking for it.

But in my ongoing quest to be Auntie of the Year, I persevered, and am now the proud owner of not one, but two, of these advent calendars, because — I’ll own up to it — I also wanted one for myself. I’m now counting the days until December 1st, when I can bust it out and start building. (I put Santa C3PO back in the box after I took the picture above.)

I’m also really excited about giving my nephews their calendar. I’m planning to doctor it up so that there’s a bonus item in there on December 20th — something indicating they have tickets to The Force Awakens, the new movie in the series. (Early Christmas present!) I picked up 3D IMAX tickets for opening weekend when they first went on sale, and I’m so looking forward to experiencing this with them. I still remember going to see Star Wars (which is what it was called then, not A New Hope, as the boys seem to insist) with my dad and brother when it first came out, and I’m hoping similarly fond memories will be made at this new movie.

And if The Force Awakens turns out to be more Attack of the Clones than The Empire Strikes Back, well… we’ll still have LEGOs.