Boredom = Progress?


Wet leaves on my walk today.
Wet leaves on my walk today.
 As I hit the end of day three of this ridiculous back pain I’ve realized something: I’m far better at being sick than I am at being injured. If I’ve got a cold or stomach bug or whatever, I generally feel bad enough that I don’t want to do anything, so spending the day moping in bed or on the couch seems like just the right thing to do. 

In contrast, today I was bored and annoyed. I feel fine, unless I try to sit or stand… And seriously, I had no idea how much I do those things until both started hurting. Interestingly, walking is mostly ok, though today’s weather (a steady drizzle) made being outside fairly unappealing. I did manage a couple of miles, at least, which is a good thing because I’d have gone stir crazy otherwise. Lying flat on my back is the thing that hurts the least (and promotes healing the most) but it’s hard even to read or watch tv that way — hence the boredom problem, which I coped with mostly by napping. 

I do think resting whatever it is that’s hurting me (nerves? muscles?) seems to be helping, though. By the time I met up with a friend and her daughter for dinner, I could sit up for the whole meal without thinking my back was going to explode. So, progress?!