Just the Thing I Didn’t Need

Y’know how yesterday I complained about my brain being so tired I was out of words? Well, this morning I woke up barely able to move because my back hurt so much. Because I needed something more to deal with besides mushbrain.

I was hoping I had just slept funny and it would get better over the course of the day, but alas. I don’t know if it’s schlepping a bag that’s many pounds heavier than usual because of the stuff I’m carrying for conference, or if it’s spending hours hunched over a laptop in terrible hotel ballroom chairs, or if it’s just badly-timed random pain, but it’s… not good. At all.

Having gone through back problems at various times in the past, I know my stomach can tolerate prescription-level amounts of ibuprofen, so I’ve spent the day trying that to get the pain to go down, to no avail. I stopped at the drugstore on the way home and bought a pack of heat wraps, since I don’t own a heating pad. That’s helping a bit, but not as much as I had hoped.  Sitting upright to write this post is killing me, to be honest.

I’m supposed to spend tomorrow morning on a walking tour as part of the conference, so I’m hoping this vanishes as abruptly overnight as it arrived. Since that seems unlikely, my secondary hope is that the problem was just the chairs and a morning of walking around (on what is expected to be an unseasonably gorgeous day) will be just what I need to work this out.

Anyway. Two days in a row of whining seems about like the maximum I am allowed, so fingers crossed that I’m back to myself tomorrow.

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