After opting to skip ZooLights last weekend — when we’d originally planned to go, because of ice skating longer than planned — my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews made it up to the Zoo tonight. And it turns out not going after skating was a great choice, because our legs would probably have fallen off. (According to my Fit Bit, we walked about six miles, so that plus skating would’ve been rough.)

It was much, much more crowded than I remember it being a couple of years ago when we last went, but I think it was earlier in the season, not the weekend before Christmas. But, crowds aside, it was still a lot of fun. The lights are really well done, especially the tree wraps. I think the animal shapes are supposed to be the main attraction, what with it being the zoo and all, but the trees really do look spectacular.


The light show set to the Nutcracker Suite music was terrific, too, though much smaller than a couple of years ago.

Light show to music from the Nutcracker at #ZooLights. #latergram

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We opted to skip several of the animal exhibits that were open,  though  we did take a break to warm up in the small mammal house, where we got to see three highly active (and tremendously cute) lemurs.

Of course, I think the highlight for the nephews was getting to ride in the very first car of the Metro, so they could see out the front window, and later in the last, so they could look out the back.



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