Low-Key Weekending

Low-Key Weekending
This photo is not actually from the weekend, but that’s OK.

This weekend was a little bit of a lull in the holiday season – I had a lot to do last weekend, and next weekend is shaping up to be busy, so I was glad for a somewhat low-key couple of days. Here is most of what I did (assume all gaps filled with napping and/or HGTV):

  • Had a coffee emergency (as in, there was none) and therefore started Saturday at the Safeway.
  • Did laundry (all the weird stuff this weekend, like the shower curtain, bathmat, and the rubber thingy under the litter boxes).
  • Went ice skating (and to dinner) with Brian, Jen, and the nephews.
  • Attempted to do some online shopping for Christmas but couldn’t seem to make any decisions, so gave up. (Related: had sticker shock at the cost of “classic” — that is, non-plastic — Lincoln Logs. More than $50? Whoa.)
  • Watched the second and third periods of the Caps-Lightning game on tv, and got to see Nick Backstrom score a natural hat trick.
  • Had brunch and baked Christmas cookies with my friends and their kids. (I brought fixings for gingersnaps. Obvs.)
  • Went to Eastern Market and somehow only came home with soap, potatoes and yogurt, which will not a week’s worth of meals make. (Especially the soap.) This will come back to bite me, no doubt. But I branched out and got maple yogurt instead of my usual plain, so that’s exciting.

How was your weekend?

Weekending along with Pumpkin Sunrise.

One thought on “Low-Key Weekending

  1. karen December 15, 2014 / 5:17 pm

    I did two weeks of thin shopping and today the bill was high because of it. Oh well, learned my lesson. I just tried to do some online shopping last night for jeans for me…I had a fantastic coupon but jeans….oh they are so iffy of a buy especially on the internet so I closed the window and will just wait. Lovely weekend!

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