Australia 2014, Day One: Making Lemonade in LA

For me, today was not supposed to exist. Due to the marginally-comprehensible magic of the International Date Line, February 10 was supposed to vanish as I flew from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Instead — due to the all-too-comprehensible banality of weather delays — I spent the day in Los Angels, making lemonade from my missed-connection lemons.

Alison and I started with an attempt to go to the Getty Museum, which turned out to be closed on Mondays. As a consolation prize, however, they gave us free tickets for the Getty Villa. It’s up on a hillside in Malibu, and has lovely gardens in addition to an amazing collection of antiquities, so it was a perfect destination for two sun-starved east coasters.




The building, modeled after a Roman villa, and the art were pretty nice too.





After we left the villa, we headed down to Santa Monica to meet a high school friend of Alison’s for lunch, and then we wandered down to the Santa Monica Pier to look at the ocean for a little while.



I also couldn’t resist the opportunity to wander down to the beach and stick my feet in the surf for a few minutes, but the water was surprisingly cold, so that lost its charm quickly. But not before I snapped a shadow-in-the-sand picture.


All in all, not a terrible way to spend a day that wasn’t supposed to exist. We are back in the airport now, waiting for our re-booked flight and with all our Melbourne tours intact, since we were able to move Wednesday’s tours to Friday.

And soon, Tuesday, February 11 will become my day that doesn’t exist.


Note: apologies if the formatting or anything is weird about this post. It’s all very hard to control from the mobile app.