10 on Tuesday: Random Things On My Mind

10 on Tuesday: Random Things On My MindYou know what I haven’t done in a really long time? A 10 on Tuesday post! And what better way to get things rolling again than by letting someone else – Carole, as per usual – think of a topic for me, in this case, the randomness currently inside my head.

So, here are 10 things that are on my mind right now…

1. My dad. Today marks six years since he died.

2. Rudi and sprite. They’re in Utah dealing with some complex and painful family issues, and I wish I could reach out across the miles with hugs and support.

3. Steubenville. In a story so full of so many things that make me sad for humanity, a tiny glimmer of hope today, in the form of Jane Doe asking that offers of donations to cover legal fees instead be given to a local women’s shelter.

4. The demise of Google Reader. (Sorry – not all my random thoughts are deep.) I use Google Reader daily for keeping up with both work and personal reading, so I was not at all happy to hear that it’s going away as of July 1. I’m test-driving Feedly to replace it, but it’s a little… prettier than I need in a reader.

5. Bookcases. I have a staycation planned for next week and as of right now, my main goal for it is getting to Ikea and buying/assembling some sort of ginormous shelving for my living room, in the hopes of better using my limited amount of space.

6. The Caps. Specifically, why does the power play look so bad right this exact second? (Yes, watching hockey and writing at the same time.)

And ohmygod, I cannot even discuss what just happened after the PP ended. Oof.

7. Spring. I know it’s still snowing in my old northeastern homeland, but – yesterday’s random flurries aside – it seems to be moving towards spring here in DC. Or at least that’s what the daffodils blooming has me hoping!

8. Laundry. Specifically, the laundry in the dryer that I ought to be folding.

9. The “service battery” alert on my laptop. I don’t really know what it means, but I suspect it’s nothing good – even though my battery life hasn’t been terrible. (I’m sure it actually is, by Mac standards, but as I’m much more used to PC laptops, it seems OK to me.)

10. Taxes. Mine are easy, never take more than an hour, always result in a refund, and yet… I procrastinate my ass off about doing them. Why is that?

What’s on your mind tonight?

4 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Random Things On My Mind

  1. dakani32 March 19, 2013 / 10:45 pm

    Hugs all around.

  2. sprite March 19, 2013 / 11:10 pm

    Since you’ll be off next week & since I’ll be coming home Monday evening, would you be interested in lunch or dinner?

    • Sarah March 19, 2013 / 11:57 pm

      Yes, definitely. Maybe with that Samoas shake I told you about for dessert?

  3. Rudi March 20, 2013 / 1:01 am

    Thanks for the kind words of support – they make a difference!

    With the IKEA stuff: a dab of wood glue or all-purpose glue makes their shelves a lot sturdier (they use it for display models, to help withstand the rigors of umpteen people “test driving” things).

    The “service battery” warning usually means that your computer’s battery is at the end of its charging cycle life (300 charge cycles for all MacBooks prior to the latest that don’t have removable batteries). Book time at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store (bring your power adapter) and have ’em diagnose it. Worst case? Buy a new battery.

    When you buy a new battery, look at the NuPower batteries sold by Other World Computing. They hold more charge, cost less, and have the same warranty as the Apple battery. I have a NuPower battery in the MacBook I’m using now, and it holds charge better than the original Apple model ever did.


    Good luck!

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