Echoes, Names, and Beach

It’s hard to pick just three beautiful things in a week that involved both Christmas and a ton of family time, but I’ll try.

1. On Christmas Eve, my brother echoes the words of our dad years ago when he warns his boys that they can’t just come running out willy-nilly in the morning, that first, he has to come out first to “make sure Santa came.”

2. Eileen made sure James — who, at just a shade over two years old, isn’t much of a talker yet — learned all our names before we came to visit. Hearing him call me “Annie Sawa” (which is as close to Auntie Sarah as he gets) is so sweet.

3. After somehow not making it to the beach all summer, I finally snuck in a few minutes of beach time with my sister, brother, and older nephews this afternoon. It was too cold to run around in the surf (only in the 40s!) but we collected some shells, dug in the sand, and played soccer.

What has been beautiful in your life this week?

One thought on “Echoes, Names, and Beach

  1. Common Loon December 29, 2012 / 11:42 pm

    1. The kids’ reaction to the box from our nieces.
    2. Sledding. It was warm enough, there was a fresh coat of powder, and no school. Had the hill to ourselves. Simple, and a TON of fun was had by all.
    3. The kids have spent most of their waking moments enjoying some bean bag chairs I made them for Christmas. Makes the effort so worth it!

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