Making a List…

Making a List...As of about 5:30 tonight, I am officially on vacation until the new year. It’s nice to have so much time off, but also kind of odd, because it feels like there is a lot of time left between now and Christmas — probably because I essentially have a complete long weekend to myself before the festivities begin.

Of course, since I have Christmas to celebrate in two states, I feel like there is plenty to get done before I head to Virginia on Monday and Texas on Tuesday.

  • Pick up labels and printer ink at Staples.
  • Write (and mail) Christmas cards.
  • Buy new jeans.
  • Wrap presents.
  • Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. And A Christmas Story. And maybe Love Actually again.
  • Buy supplies for the cat sitter.
  • Dig out my warm-weather clothes.
  • Pack.
  • Pick up my apartment.
  • Do laundry. And dishes.

I suspect this list needs some “checking it twice,” because I feel strongly that I am missing something — or more than one something — because I feel sure I have more to get done than just this!

4 thoughts on “Making a List…

  1. Eileen December 22, 2012 / 12:16 am

    Here’s my now to Monday noon list,
    1. 7 stores (only 4 are absolute must’s)
    2. Plus grocery shopping (2 stops, minimum)
    3. And liquor store
    4. Put felt feet on the 6 restored dining room chairs
    5. Spray paint the metal bed frame
    6. Help build bunk beds and dresser
    7. Super glue the door stops on
    8. Get James a hair cut
    9. Deliver invites to neighbors for New Years Day open house
    10. Bake cookies & party mix (13 varieties are currently on my list – ha ha!) and possibly make home made marshmallows and ginger bread (for houses and trees)
    11. Prep as many advance meals as possible (lasagne, french onion soup, etc.)
    12. Christmas cards, which let’s face it, will be New Years cards (or Valentines) this year 🙂
    13. Wrap presents
    14. Make cute reindeer with James

    I think that’s enough for the next 60 hours! Okay, now I’m depressed…I thought I was doing really well til I wrote that all down in one place.

    Oh, 15. Skype with our friend who turns 4 tomorrow!

  2. Common Loon December 22, 2012 / 7:06 am

    Very happy for you & your long weekend to yourself – well planned!

    Guess I better call Eileen sooner rather than later (when time is even shorter and that list is still insane!)?

    1. There is hockey every day but Christmas. Sarah, honestly I’m not gloating.
    2. Unfortunately, I’ll also need to stop at the grocery store (which will be a zoo) and Costco (b/c kids are starting to finish grocery bags the day I bring them home, and Costco buys us a couple days…it has started).
    3. Make cookies (only 2 varieties).
    4. Assemble a few gifts (worst case we could assemble the new bike on Christmas, but would the youngest realize he was getting his first NEW bike if it was still in the box?).
    5. Sew the new Christmas Eve pajamas…started last night. Life will go on, but I sure want to stick with this tradition if at all possible. I bought the fabric awhile ago, and had a near catastrophe b/c the kids outgrew the amount of fabric I purchased. These will be very creative pajamas, if they get finished.
    6. We had new sliding doors put in the house out of necessity. The trim still needs some stain & poly, and it would be great to remount the blinds to recover our privacy in time for Christmas.
    7. Food prep so I’m not stuck in the kitchen when it matters.
    8. I would like the house clean, but I think I’m the only one who cares so I may have to settle for it staying the pit it currently is (need to save my energy for more important tasks and not waste it nagging for help).
    9. Almost forgot: I have to wrap!!!

    All very doable if I distinguish needs and my wants, right?

  3. Fran December 22, 2012 / 8:39 am

    Sarah, ya gatta be forgetting something!! And don’t dig too deep into the summer wardrobe; forecast for next wk. is not really beachy. Loon, you’ve left off the best; a clean house with four men – impossible! Eileen, you have the b.e.s.t. helper. Get her going on the lasagna and O.S. and maybe a potful of your sesame chicken. I return to grocery tdy to get what I missed yest :(. Love to all.

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