Sunday Snapshot: We Are United

Despite the fact that I have a spectacularly awful track record of attending win-or-go-home postseason games where the outcome ends up being “go home,” my friend Erica invited me to join her group heading to today’s DC United game. I’m not much of a soccer fan, but I understand it well enough to get by, and playoff games are always exciting, no matter the sport.

Unfortunately, my track record remains unchanged: despite tying the Houston Dynamo today, the United lost in the aggregate score, so the Dynamo will move on.

One thought on “Sunday Snapshot: We Are United

  1. Shannon November 19, 2012 / 12:52 pm

    It’s always the Houston effin Dynamo. I hate that team. They always knocked my brother’s former New England Revolution out of contention or lost to them in the finals. Grrrr.

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