Yanno how I made a list on Friday of the things I wanted to get done with my long weekend? Well, I’m happy to report that I managed nearly all of it – plus a few other things.

I didn’t get my hair cut, but only because I couldn’t get an appointment. I did get get one scheduled for Wednesday, though, so that counts as a half-success. I only got the applesauce half-made – the apples are cooked, they just need a quick run through the food mill. And I could have done more damage to my Instapaper queue, but that’s not such a big deal.

In addition to all the stuff I planned to do – craft fair! finish a book! two parties! talk to my mom! – I also baked cookies, did a bunch of laundry, cooked some delicious chicken and mashed potatoes, and snuggled with the kittens. A lot.

Oh, and today looked like this from my reading chair on the back porch:

So yeah, I’d call the weekend a success.