Sunday Snapshot: Taco Night

Today’s delicious dinner adventure was Korean beef tacos, made using a slightly adapted version of this recipe, which I found via a hockey blogger I follow on Twitter. (The Internet is amazing, example 4,572.)

The first change I made was buying fresh “hot & spicy” pickles from a vendor at Eastern Market to use for the slaw instead of using that part of the recipe. I grated them in the food processor, and they were perfect.

My second alteration was a bigger one – I cooked the meat in the oven (inside my Le Creuset Dutch oven) at 200 degrees for the eight hours called for in the instructions. Why, you ask? Well, because the ribs didn’t fit in my crock pot. Might be time to jettison my 90s-vintage vertical model for one of the newfangled ones where you can lay giant foods down flat. (Hm. Christmas gift idea?)

Anyway, these were so tasty that I froze the leftover juices/sauce to use as marinade later, and I’m really looking forward to having leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Taco Night

  1. Fran October 22, 2012 / 6:44 pm

    This makes my mouth want it.Thanks, Sarah.

    P.S. At a recent class, I learned in trick: for a milder cilantro taste, just use leaves, no stems.

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