Go See It: “Argo”

First things first: I am not especially comfortable with the idea of movies based on historic events that occurred within my lifetime. While I realize this will happen more and more as I age, it’s still a bit of a wrench to think that my first decade or so was long enough ago as to legitimately be considered history. That said, I really liked “Argo,” which is about the Iranian hostage crisis.

I was surprised, actually, at how much of the events of the film I remembered, since the whole situation occurred when I was between eight and ten years old. The movie weaves actual footage of newscasts from the era pretty seamlessly into the story, and hearing Walter Cronkite list the day count of the crisis really brought it all back. Everyone looked fairly authentically 70s, too – and drove giant cars and smoked in their offices – which made the whole thing seem as much like a flashback to the past as a movie.

“Argo” also does a great job with the story, making the stakes clear – and paying them off so effectively – that the entire theater applauded at the climactic point of the story, when we all already knew what was going to happen. Or I assume we all knew, anyway. They’ve been covering the Carter administration in schools for a while now, right?

This is about the least eloquent review of a movie possible, but it’s late and I should be sleeping, so I’ll leave it at this: go see “Argo.” You won’t be disappointed.

One thought on “Go See It: “Argo”

  1. Fran October 20, 2012 / 10:49 am

    Impressive that you recall it from childhood! It IS an excellent movie for the olders, too. And Ben is definitely eye candy! “Auntie” Fran

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