Warm, Walk-Off, and Fun Distractions

Before I head off to bed this Saturday night, here’s a look back at three beautiful things from the past week:

1. I stopped in at Ted’s Bulletin to grab one of their delicious homemade pop-tarts for breakfast on Wednesday, and rather than grabbing one from the case, the waiter turned to the cooling rack behind him and have me one that was still warm. Yum!

2. Jayson Werth’s walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th on Thursday was so glorious I jumped up off my couch and gave him a solo standing ovation, clapping along with the fireworks from the ballpark, which I could hear through the window.

3. As luck would have it, I planned a full day of activities today that proved to be perfect pick-me-ups after last night’s game. First, I met up with Danielle and Kristin (the women who fostered my kittens before they were mine) to meet the latest batch from the feral cat colony in their yard. They are so cute — I had to keep reminding myself that two are plenty! Next, they drove me back to my place and came up to visit Harper and Carlson, who they haven’t seen for two months. I think they were both amazed at how quickly the kittens are growing.

Our “kitten progressive” had been over only a few minutes when sprite arrived for our annual cider donut quest. We were somewhat unsuccessful — the place we’ve been going for the past few years switched their donuts from cider to pumpkin — but hot, fresh donuts are always a beautiful thing. And now we have an excuse to go donut questing again soon.

What was beautiful in your life this week?

And by the way… This is Phantom, one of the kittens I met today, and somehow resisted stealing.