Celebrating Natitude

Today was the first postseason baseball game in DC since dinosaurs roamed the earth,* and while the outcome was not (at all) what anyone had hoped, the Nationals pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable day – and a full-on celebration of “Natitude.” There were plenty of festivities before the game started – music, balloons, fireworks, and even a jet flyover.

20121010-225048.jpgThe sell-out crowd showed their support as well – appearing as an almost Caps-like sea of red in the stands.

I wanted kitten Harper to play along with the supportive attire in honor of her namesake, but she flat-out refused to wear the little Nats helmet (saved from a helmet sundae) I tried to put on her. And frankly, she looks a little put out that I even tried such a thing.

At any rate, tomorrow is another day – and another game. Fingers crossed that it goes the Nationals’ way.


* If you’re looking for a story that harkens back to baseball in the days of yore, check out this one about a 99 year old Nationals fan who attended a playoff game last time around.