10 on Tuesday: Things I Did This Weekend

Baseball-themed pasta!

Today’s 10 on Tuesday topic – courtesy of Carole Knits, as usual – looks at what I did this weekend. I covered some of that in posts from the past couple of days – and I won’t rub in that I was insanely lazy yesterday – but here it all is in list form.

1. Burned the living daylights out of my Le Crueset saucepan making home fries. I am not sure it will ever recover completely.

2. Went to DC Brau. (More on this later in the week.)

3. Ran non-exciting errands: CVS, Hill’s Kitchen, grocery store, and Chipotle. Technically, I guess that last one wasn’t so much an errand as it was dinner acquisition.

4. Baked apple muffins. They needed at least twice as much struesel topping as the recipe called for, but were otherwise tasty.

5. Tailgated in the rain. And then not in the rain, as the weather cleared somewhat.

6. Went to a Redskins game.

7. Spent an hour waiting to get out of the parking lot post-game, while listening to the Nats on the radio and laughing with my friends.

8. Watched the Nats rally to win the first game of the NLDS. I celebrated by eating baseball shaped pasta for dinner. (I also watched them lose game two.  And it’s possible that I stress-ate frozen York Peppermint Patties while watching.)

9. Cleaned off my DVR.

10. Clipped the kittens’ nails. This was the only non-lazy thing I did yesterday, and believe me, it’s a harder task than it may sound like. Cats do not like having their nails cut.

What did you do with your long (or not) weekend?


2 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Things I Did This Weekend

  1. susan October 9, 2012 / 7:10 pm

    Worked on my last class to finish my Masters. I will be done 12/9. Apparently, I will not be having any fun until then. Grrr.

    • Sarah October 10, 2012 / 9:11 am

      Uh oh. It just dawned on me that when you finish, I’ll be the only of the cousins without an advanced degree. I am trying to decide if this bothers me or not.

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