It’s Only Thursday? Really?

On the (ever growing) list of things I don’t understand: how a holiday-shortened week can seem so long. It’s not just me, right? It feels like it couldn’t possibly be only Thursday, and yet, the calendar assures me this is the case. It’s not been a bad one, though. So far, I:

  • Went to two winning Nats games – Sunday’s game with my brother and nephews, and last night’s with three girlfriends who are Cubs fans. I’m a little sad I wasn’t there for tonight’s bench-clearing ruckuses, though.
  • Survived my first-ever project meeting with our CEO – and had my pitch approved.
  • Went to a training/networking breakfast thingy, and possibly chatted my way into a couple of speaking engagements of my own.
  • Taught my friend Julia how to use Twitter so she can do some marketing of her husband’s upcoming play.
  • Had a nice catch-up lunch with my friend Farin, who I never seem to get to see, despite the fact that we work in the same building.

And there are still two more days left in the week (and one more baseball outing). I might need to sleep all day Sunday!