Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Sleepy kitten high-five. Almost more cute than I can stand.

I was on a break from an all-day training class at work today when I saw my sister’s post that she’s giving up on daily blogging at day 21 of her planned 31 days.* It’s an impulse that I understand wholeheartedly as I hit (if my math is correct) day 235 of my post-a-day endeavor for 2012, because I’ve had that urge approximately 235 times. Yes, every single day since I’ve started, I’ve had an, “Oh, the hell with this!” moment. But as I’ve kept slogging through, there have been enough pleasant surprises along the way to keep me going.

I’ll admit that (so far, anyway) I haven’t gotten out of it a single iota of what I thought I would, which was a more disciplined writing process. I still am writing whenever the mood strikes me – mostly at night, after dinner, but sometimes in the morning when I first get up, on my commute, or at lunch. I do hope that I’ll nail down process at some point, but even if I don’t, I’m learning enough to make it feel worthwhile. For example:

  • Having to find something to write about means I take the time every day to really think about what happened. Many days, nothing blogworthy comes out of this reflection, but it feels good to take a moment to stop and think about what the day brought.
  • Since I got back from Alaska, I have done almost nothing as regards organizing/captioning/sharing my photos, but daily blogging meant I was keeping track of my trip in real time. I’ve never successfully kept a complete travel journal (I’m that girl on the plane, frantically scribbling on the way home) but knowing that I needed to post made all the difference. And I’m so, so happy to have all those as-they-happened notes from my trip.
  • I’m paying more attention to what’s around me, looking for interesting things to photograph, in case I fail on the words front.
  • It’s forcing me to try new recipes, because – no lie – I’ve cooked things solely to have something to blog about.

So that’s some of why I stick with it, even though some days I hate it.

I’ve made it hard on myself in some ways, though, by putting some limits on what I write about. Despite the fact that I have strong (strong!) opinions, I try to avoid politics, because the Internet already has enough sites where people throw angry pixels at one another, and I don’t have any interest in this becoming another. I’m also rarely introspective in a way that is deeply revealing. I am awed by bloggers who have the ability to publicly cut a vein, and put everything out there, but I just don’t have that capacity.

I am not, however, above shamelessly posting pictures of kittens or food just to get a post out the door. Or for clicks, as the cuteness above makes clear.


* I hope this goes without saying, but in case it does not, this is not a slam on Eileen for giving up. Our lives are very, very different, so what works for me is not necessarily going to work for her. And vice-versa.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  1. Common Loon August 21, 2012 / 11:20 pm

    When I get on my do-this-every-day-for-a-whole-year kick, I do struggle on many occasions, and in retrospect am more glad than not to reach my goal (sometimes have to ask if it was worth it). However, I have allowed “doubling up” when I know my schedule won’t allow the time I need or when I’ve been sick as a dog. A little flexibility is good…it’s not like I come from a long line of stringent rule followers, right? We appreciate ANYTHING you and Eileen are willing to give!

  2. Eileen August 21, 2012 / 11:32 pm

    And I hope no one interpreted my post as a slam on you. It is NOT. I just don’t have the … I don’t even know the word … to motivate me to persevere right now. I want to keep in touch with people. I want to share whats happening in our lives. And perhaps I’ll recover my mojo by 11:59pm tomorrow, but …

    Keep up the good work, sis. And thanks for letting me be a part of your blogosphere.

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